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Olon Ruta del Spondylus.


During the winter months we are preparing our little Hostal Oloncito for the upcoming season.
The curtains have to be stitched, stools / chairs / tables / cabinets get a new coat of paint, chairs need to get new cushions, pictures need to be framed and our beautiful garden also needs a bit of work.
We need to accomplish a lot of smaller and larger tasks to keep our usual standards.
Therefore, we came up with the great idea that some guests might enjoy to support us accomplishing our task list. In return we offer accommodation and meals to special conditions.
Are you interested in helping us a week or two? Then please get in touch with us.!

The Hostal Management: Uwe Sboron
Tel: +593 4-2788124
Cel: +593 9-99335626